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Treasure Hunter Mink [トレジャーハンターミンク] Game Sample - PC...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 11 years ago
Treasure Hunter Mink is an adult game disguised as an old-school arcade game by Studio S, a popular adult doujin game group. As far as Studio S games go though, it's actually pretty generic, though it could've been pretty cool since the premise is decent and they were trying something different. You control a young beauty named Mink Loft, a treasure hunter (obviously) who travels in search of a dangerous mimic who guards the ultimate treasure trove. In her travels, she will deal with numerous foes (slimes, skeletons, berserkers, etc.) and dispatch them wielding dual "keyblades". Her "swords" are literally giant keys that you would open a treasure chest with.

Mink has a basic combo to deal damage, but individual attacks are pretty weak. You really kill enemies with the finishing blow of a combo (the last hit in other words) which knocks them across the screen. When you launch an enemy into other enemies, you generate combo kills. You get a couple of items to help you out too. The green gem (probably an emerald) boosts your movement speed. The red gem (should be a ruby) increases your attack range. The white gem (a diamond) gives you an extra life. You also learn a few abilities and gain treasure to fill up your treasure gallery. Mink will eventually be able to do an upward slash finisher that knocks enemies diagonally upward, a finisher to hit an enemy diagonally downward, a double jump, and a dash. The game is fairly easy, but gets a little cheap later on. This is because your death unviels the adult material, which differs depending on the world set you die in (different scenes every ten stages) and a "Bubble Bobble Ghost" comes to kill you if you loiter too long. You get different CGs on the continue screen that change as your timer goes down to zero. It's very typical hentai CGs, with a little ryona too. In other words, playing well will let you play a relatively normal action game of 50 levels. Playing poorly will still "reward" players. I'm thinking that was the idea.

You can play a little mini-game (Pachi Coin) with the coins you get from the main game where you can unlock random treasure items for your gallery. I've gotten just about everything in this mini-game, so you could probably fill an entire empty gallery this way. This includes Mink's special ability cards and the stage select card, etc. You'll be hard-pressed to run out of coins before you unlock nearly everything, so the game doesn't try very hard to make you earn anything; you really don't need more than 500 coins. At any rate, the visuals are decent, but the game has a pretty low resolution and is a little blurry. The animations are pretty nice though (standard Studio S stuff). The music is average; it's adventurous and serves its purpose, but it's not really memorable (though I find it funny you hear coins jingle as she runs about). The game mechanics are simple and there aren't many items and such. The animations and such would be good in a more ambitious game...would be good if they made a Spanner-chan style action game or something.
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