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Trials Of Terrible | Sonic 06 | Sonic The Hedgehog 2...

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  • 3 years ago
Let's Play Sonic The Hedgehog for the Xbox 360, AKA Sonic 06 Part 15! We have to do three trials. Or three tests? Test Of Intelligence, or Trial of Intelligence is first. IT'S SO TERRIBLE! Then it's the Test of Courage, or the trial of courage? It's also very bad. This is seriously like filler content... how did Sonic 06 get worse?

Arguably the worst Sonic game ever made when it comes to bad Sonic games....

How bad can it really be though? I guess we're about to find out as we review how many glitches we can glitch out Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 with! If you want to watch us suffer through a full walkthrough / playthrough, be sure to let us know! Maybe we can try some other Sonic classics in the future like Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic and the Secret Rings, or Sonic Forces?

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