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TURTLE BEACH HD "Waydes World Hawaii"

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  • 12 years ago
"CHILD FRIENDLY" Laniakea Beach better known as Turtle Beach on the North Shore of Oahu is WITHOUT question the best place in the World to see "HONU" ,Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, up close and in your face! Why do they come so close, tourists ask? Well, because of the Rules that stay intact on this beach. The "HONU" Marine Patrol are always covering this beach to make sure tourist do not get too close or touch the Honu. As long as you keep at least 3 feet away and never touch them they continue to bask on the sandy beach amid crowds of tourists and surfers alike. As long as these rules stay intact Honu will continue to come ashore so that we are able to enjoy these endangered amazing beings! If you bring your snorkeling gear take a dip and go swimming with them but once again, PLEASE don't touch! Remember, ALWAYS give the up most respect and love to the Aina and the beings who wash upon it. These amazing and beautiful Honu only want to continue what they have done for millions of years so please let them do what they do best, CHILLAX! If you see someone who gets to close or touches the Honu don't be afraid to tell them not to do that and talk to the Honu Patrol! We all have a part in protecting the HONU and allowing them to be free and unafraid of us. As long as we don't get too close, as long as we don't touch them they will continue to come ashore for us to love and enjoy! Aloha everyone and bring your camera or video camera. THIS BEACH IS A TREAT! PLEASE NOTE: There are NO signs at LANIAKEA BEACH and it's right off the main road so it comes up on you so fast you pass it before you realize you did. You will need to Google it to make sure you know where it is before you head out.
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