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Tyga - Faded (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Remix)

XpertThief Follow
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  • 10 years ago
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You wanted more CoD MW3 remixes so here is "Faded" by Tyga. I hope you like it I stayed up all night working on this :]

ah X.T. ho
trigger lookin' like a needle
I'll kill yo
leave you rage quitting cya
I see your team though
RPG like a torpedo
I'll fist pump you with my knife like i was a guido
throwing knife to the face what i call a free throw
scavenger so my ammo never hits a zero
empty mag a-a-automatic reload
flyer than a AC, shooting down a missile
ha snipe shot screws up your streak
i drop shot shoot bullets into your cheek
rage quit? I guess I'll see you in a week
your games week better sweat the technique
ah ah ownage never stops
sure shots head pops
man I'm sick cough drop
on lock knife chops like a crop don't get caught
cause I'm going for your head like I was a beauty shop
I'm playin' x3
player I'm playin' x7
and i don't miss a shot
mama hand me that pizza
stabbin' on fools call em Caesar
the other team hates me like my name was Frieza
only cause I shoot em' and they never ever see me
game got me grinning SekC Army's winning
rep it till i die but these noobs will never kill me
I'm Donkey Kong you are just Diddy
the other teams acting like another word for kitty
i killed you 20 times but you still don't get t he picture?
I'm praying for you noobies some1 get a scripture
when i see them coming, i gotta click my thumb in
shoot 1 time umad bro? where you running?
flyer than a reaper, blow up like a creeper
hand your boy the belt big bobs beepers
gun in your face compliment her features
flag captured schooled teacher

Beat by: http://youtube.com/theoriginalbeat
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