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Tyga - Rack City (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remix)

XpertThief Follow
  • Video description
  • 10 years ago
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I decided to do a CoD MW3 remix to "Rack City" by Tyga. Hope you guys like it, I work hard on these videos :]
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Beat By:


Call of Duty bish Call of Call of Duty bish
shooting mp7's from my damn hip
callin' in AC's they like "oh ship"
take the sniper rifle out acting like I'm Grizz
up in CoD MW3
shootin' guns droppin' bombs like an army
XpertThief but Xpert what they call me
kill your whole team I hear you rage in the lobby
bustin' caps while my team cappin' flags
whole map spawn trappin' got this game in the bag
your lag won' help get no compensation
wanna trash talk let's have a conversation
hey ACR
wanna hide I'll blow up the car
kill you up close or snipe you from afar
advanced UAV let's me know where you are
it's my mission when I'm the map mission
take you out of commission dead silence can't listen
got Recon on when I'm on Carbon
such an Overkill until my Pavelows gone
shoot you the dome on Dome it's on
think that you're alone but i got Assault Drone
owned come on just give up the Resistance,
my Sentry Gun that'll kill you in an instance
Bootleg guns won't hurt my Hardhat
2 attachments on my gun i got that
Downturn a Blindeye to the campers who lie
on the map Village now they're Fallen like a dead fly
Call of Duty bish Call of Call of Duty bish x3
use the Striker shoot you in the booty bish! xD
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