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Ukha | Russian Fish Soup Recipe | Рецепт Ухи, Pыбный...

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  • 5 years ago
Ukha (Уха) is a clear Russian soup, made from various types of fish and root vegetables. Ukha has been part of the Russian cuisine for hundreds of years. It’s a simple, rustic soup that is delightfully light and flavorful. The fish is perfectly tender and flaky. Light, but full of flavor; a major comfort soup. You can also use a freshly caught fish also, but would need to remove the bones after fish is cooked. This recipe serves 8-10 people.

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Ingredients :

2 stalks of celery
3 medium potatoes
1 large onion
2-3 bay leaves
4-5 medium carrots
2 fillets of salmon
2 fillets of cod (You can also use any other fish like (snapper, trout, bass, etc.)
Salt and few peppercorns
8-10 cups water
Fresh Parsley or Dill
50 ml of vodka ( this is optional)


Step 1 : Peel your potatoes and carrots. Cut potatoes into small cubes and set aside. Cut carrots into disks or cubes. Do the same with your celery and onion.
Step 2 : Add your fish into a deep pot with peppercorns, bayleaves and all the vegetables except potatoes. Cook soup on medium heat for about 15 min .
Step 3 : Then add potatoes and cook for further 10 min.
Step 4 : Serve the soup with equal amounts of fish and vegetables. Add fresh parsley or dill and enjoy!

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.

Уха — одно из древнейших блюд русской кухни. Все без исключения представители лососевых — лосось, семга, форель и другие, — подходят для любого вида ухи. Как и красная рыба, принадлежащая к осетровым. Впрочем, и состав, и насыщенность ухи можно легко корректировать по собственному вкусу.

Ингредиенты :

2 стебля сельдерея
3 средних картофелины
1 большая луковица
2-3 лавровых листа
4-5 средняя морковь
2 филе лосося
2 филе трески (Вы также можете использовать любую другую рыбу , как ( грубиян , форель, окунь, и т.д.)
Соль и перец
8-10 стаканов воды
Свежей петрушки или укропа
50 мл водки ( это необязательно )
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