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Ultimate Tennis Serve Lesson - How To Serve In Tennis

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  • 1 year ago
Ultimate Tennis Serve Lesson - How To Serve In Tennis. The tennis serve is the most complex shot in the sport, there are so many elements that we must master in order for us to develop a reliable and consistent serve. In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov, will share with you, the ultimate tennis serve lesson, how to hit a flat, kick and slice serve in tennis.
In the first part of the video, you'll learn how to hit the perfect flat or first serve in tennis, in five steps:
Step One - Using the ideal grip which is the continental grip. This is the same grip you should use for your forehand volley and backhand volley, your tennis overhead smashes and your slice backhand. This grip allows you to use supination and pronation on your tennis serve. It also allows you to hit all the different types of serves and spin variations with the same grip, this includes the tennis slice serve, the tennis kick serve, the tennis flat serve and a mixture of all three.

Step Two - A consistent ball toss that goes no higher than six inches above your contact point. The higher you toss the ball, the faster it will be traveling downwards when you try to make contact making it harder to hit in the sweet spot. However, if you toss the ball just slightly higher or exactly to your ideal contact point, the ball will stop for a split second at the height of the toss so it's almost as if you are hitting a stationary object.
The other main reason to keep your ball toss just around the contact point height is that the higher you toss the ball, the more out of control it gets, it's much easier to consistently toss the ball is the same zone if you toss it lower.

Step Three - Reaching a good trophy position. A good trophy position is very similar to a good throwing position, the main difference is the tilt of the shoulders as are target is the contact point on the serve whereas with a throw it might be forwards.
The characteristics of a good tennis serve trophy pose include the non-hitting hand pointing upwards to the ball to help balance the body, the hitting arm in about a 90-degree angle and the tip of the racket pointing upwards towards the sky. If you can you will also have a good knee bend in this position,

Step Four - Using pronation during the contact zone.
By using the continental grip you allow the forearm, arm and shoulder to supinate prior to contact and start pronating during contact and completely pronate after contact. This is the ideal way to accelerate the tennis racket head during the contact zone.

Step Five - Using a good follow-through and finish to complete the service motion. For right-handers, a good indication would be the racket head finishing close to the left hip. This will allow the shoulder muscles to slow down in a natural relaxed way without stressing the shoulder or elbow joint.

In part two of the video, you'll learn how to hit perfect kick serves in tennis, in three steps:
1. Using the continental grip. This grip will allow the proper mechanics to occur prior to, during and after contact. If you don't use this grip these actions will not be possible and the kick serve will not work.
2. The ball toss - toss the ball more to your left and slightly behind your head on the kick serve. This will allow you to hit the ball from 8 o'clock to 2 o'clock on the ball (bottom left-hand side to the top right-hand side).
3. Shoulder over shoulder action and staying sideways throughout the serve which will help you actually hit the ball from the 8-2 o'clock motion.

In part three of the lesson, you'll learn how to hit perfect slice serves in tennis, in three steps:
The slice serve in tennis is one of the most effective ways to start a tennis point on serve for both right and left-handed players.
If executed correctly, a good slice serve will open the court up on the deuce side for a right-hander and the advantage side for a left-hander.
The tennis slice serve is also a great weapon to use when going down the "T" on the advantage side for right-handers and also for jamming players into the body on both sides of the tennis court.
The key to imparting good amounts of spin on the ball is the angle of the racket face at contact. For a typical flat serve you would want to hit the ball more or less flat on with the string bed to gain the most amount of power from pronation.
For a slice serve however we want to hit the ball on the top right-hand side of the ball (top left for left-handed tennis players).
If the ball was a clock face, at impact for the tennis slice serve we would want to hit around 1-2 o'clock. This will give us good levels of spin but also allow the ball to dip down into the service box. Some coaches will say to hit the ball at 3 o'clock but if you add any real power to that serve it would drift wide as there is no dip on the serve.
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