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Undead Knights Game Sample - PSP

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 11 years ago
Game starts around 5:28.

Undead Knights is a very mediocre game, which is disappointing because the game could have been pretty neat with some work...of course, this game is sometimes considered pretty good too. After all, a game you can get for free is always gonna seem good as opposed to shelling out hard earned cash. Due to a "posting" error, the game was (at one time) given out for free. You were supposed to get the demo of the game, but it turns out that they ended up giving you the full game. It kinda reminds me how you could play the entire game of Keio Flying Squadron on the European demo if you used a code to skip the stage where the demo ended.

The visuals of the game are fairly bad and things are made worse as the game looks so blurry at times that it feels like you're running through fog. The soundtrack? It has a couple of okay tunes and then really bad ones like the first stage tune played in this video. The voice overs are decent enough though and that helps to move the game's story along, but I do have a problem with the dialogue. I feel the game tries too hard to be something it's not...most notably, being badass (with the profanity and such). It just feels overdone.

The gameplay seems interesting at first, but the game immediately shows a great deal of repetition. You can control a legion of zombies by grabbing enemies and forcing them to join you in undeath. The more you weaken an enemy, the faster and easier it is to convert them. You can also regain missing life by converting enemies, but they have to be glowing red when you grab them. Undead enemies have a variety of uses, but the game obviously limits you to using them for very specific purposes. You can tell your minions what to do by using a target and lining up the target with the person or thing you want them to deal with. The more minions you have, the more effective you are. You also have a super attack (let's just call it a "True Musou Attack") which allows you to convert multiple enemies to the undead instantly. You can toss your minions at enemies and if you toss them at large enemies, you can slow them down or hit them and deal far greater damage.

The problems with the game are that your main characters have a VERY limited set of different attacks and you sorta plod around areas awkwardly. You swing your weapon around wildly just trying to hit anyone around you and when enemies cluster up on you, it's annoying trying to deal with specific enemies only to end up grabbing the wrong guy or killing foes accidentally. Sometimes, you'll even grab your own minion in the mix and you're forced to throw them or dispose of them. Crowded areas also become a pain when you're trying to take down a tower only to keep targeting enemies that are in the way or you get hit from nowhere by seemingly endless enemies. Getting hit while highlighting a target will cancel the targetting. Lastly, if your zombie isn't doing something to progress the gameplay or story, their uses are generic and very boring. Point them at enemy, kill them. Point them at an object, destroy it. Use them as a shield, gotta put them down to fight eventually anyway...if the game looks boring in this video, that's because it is...and this is just one level.
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