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UNREAL Meghalaya STREET FOOD - Blood Sausage & SMOKE...

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  • 3 months ago
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The trip I took to Assam and Meghalaya in northeast India in March of 2019 is one of the most memorable in my eleven years of traveling the world. Even though this was my third trip to India, I was blown away because this part of the country is so different from the big cities I explored further south on other trips. I’m so excited to share my adventures there with you guys. Come join me as I continue exploring Assam and Meghalaya!

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After an incredible day trip the took me from the Meghalaya capital of Shillong to the gorgeous waterfalls, bustling markets, and magnificent living root bridges of Cherrapunjee, my new friend Paul and I made the journey back to Shillong. On the way, we got some mouthwatering Meghalaya street food that blew my mind!

We pulled into Mylliem, India, a village about 45 minutes outside of Shillong. There are lots of unique foods here, including smoked pork, smoked beef, and blood sausage. The pork in Meghalaya is unreal, the best pork I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t wait to try more amazing dishes from this part of India!

We explored a bit to see the different foods being offered before stopping in a pickling shop to try four different types of pickle. There were smoked meats hanging from the ceiling.

We started with our pork momo with a spicy sauce and onions. It practically fell apart when I picked it up and the sauce was really hot! It was light on the pork and the onions were more prominent, but it was delicious!

Then I went with the blood sausage, which came wrapped in a banana leaf. I dove right in. It was absolutely heavenly. I love the taste of blood sausage. It’s smoky, bloody, and soft and came with spring onions. It was also gelatinous, but not in the same way that fat is. I’d found blood sausage to be pretty rare in India. The only other place I’d had it in the country was Little Tibet in Delhi, so I was very happy to come across some again.

Then we moved on to dried, smoked pork, along with beef, pickles, chutneys, rice, and more. I started with some pork soup with rice, which was very juicy and hot! I took a sip of chai to rinse the heat out of my mouth and then moved on to the smoked pork, which looked similar to bacon. With the onions and peppers, it was like a tough bacon stir-fry!

Next was the beef, which was hard and a little too tough for me, though I liked the onions in it. I ate the onions and peppers around it. The beef was so hard I almost broke a tooth on it!

Next was the thali, which contained bamboo shoots, potatoes mixed with carrots and beets, wild apple, peppers, and tamarind. The tamarind was nice and strong and a little sweet, but there was a seed inside. The dehydrated wild apple was strong and dense, but good! Next, I tried a chili that wound up being pretty mild, but it still opened up my sinuses!

Then I tried the pickled bamboo shoots, which were pungent! The potatoes, carrots, and beets were very phenomenal, while the tree tomato chutney was very light and had no spice, while the fish chutney was very strong and salty. It was also spicy! It reminded me of Thai fish paste! Next was the fermented beans, which was super nice and almost reminded me of peanut butter. I loved it!

Then I tried roasted beef, which was like a big meatball with a nice sauce on it. I followed that with wild mushroom chutney with pepper. It was earthy and had very little spice. It was my favorite! The tomato salad with onions contained a strong herb, but it was also super refreshing. I loved it!

Then I learned about the process the people here use to smoke their meat and got the chance to watch them do it.

The food was phenomenal, but now it was time to get back to Shillong!

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me to get dinner in Mylliem! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food content!

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