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UPSC CSE (IAS): High Yield Series: Introduction to E...

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  • 9 years ago
This video deals with introduction to Environment and Ecology (EnE), includes all the major topics in EnE, terminologies, graphical representation of major biomes (where x-axis is mean annual precipitation and y-axis is mean annual temperature), list of abiotic factors, diffrent response of various organisms to these abiotic factors, definition of adaptation, its various examples and finally it culminates with explaining in detail the population pyramids.

In this video, Dr. Roman deals with major topics like ecology, ecosystem structure and function, primary ecological succession, population interaction, secondary succession, biodiversity, IUCN Red Data book, biomes, Indian biomes, Interaction (Mutualism, Predation, Parasitism, Commensalism, Amensalism, Energy flow (Rule of 10% and how energy flow occurs in various pyramids – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary), Nutrient cycle (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon, Sulphur), Ecological Pyramids, Ecosystem services (Oxygen, Air, Herbs), Terminologies: Ecology (Haeckel & Tensliy): Organism, Relation, Environment, Ecosystem: Biotic (Living organisms) and Abiotic (Soil, Water), Ecad: Plant species, same genetic stock different physically, reversible, Ecotype: Plant species, inter fertile, genetically different, irreversible, ecological succession (transformation from primary [lichen] to complex species [climax species], primary: no life, secondary: living organisms were already there, Serule – ES for micro organisms), Autecology: Individual, Synecology: Group/community, Edaphic: Soil, Therms (Mega: High Temp. Rain forest, Meso: High + Low Temp, deciduous forest, Micro: Low temperature, Mixed coniferous, Hekisto: Extemely low, Alpine), Ecological niche: Physical + Functional role of a species in a community, Ecological equivalents: Similar niches in different geographical regions, Graph on distribution of Biomes, 11 Biomes, Abiotic factors (Temperature, Water, Light, Soil), Responses to abiotic factors - Graph (Regulators, Conformers, Partial regulators, Migration, Suspension), Adaptation: Definition (Process + Trait), Examples of Adaptation (Allen rule [Cold – small extremeties], Tag polymerase [DNA – Thermostable, PCR - Mullis, DNA amplification], Chaperone proteins (survival in cold temp., prevents freezing of proteins), Cam pathway [leaves into spine, Cactus, Photosynthesis in night], Kangaroo rat [Water from Fat oxidation, concentration of urine], Altitude sickness [Increase in RBC, Hb increase – compensation of O2 in environment], Population pyramids [Expanding, Stable, Declining] Graph – Pre - Reproduction, Reproduction, Post-Reproduction.

For any query or doubt, visit https://www.facebook.com/romansaini.official

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