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V-Cube 6 and 7 - Introduction and Review

Rob's World Follow
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  • 14 years ago
Learn how to solve the V-cubes!

My Review of the v-cubes 6 and 7 that I received on 7/7/08. If you are interested, I ordered my packages on 6/24 and got them on 7/7. The total processing and shipping took 13 days. Shipping alone took 4.

I bought the V-Cubes from the Official V-Cube website:

Goes over the ups and downs of both the V-Cube 6 and also the V-Cube 7. I do not unbox unboxing the cubes, but basically explain how they were packaged. So if you wanted to see the unboxing, sorry.

I explain how the V-cube 6 and 7 feel, look, how stable they are and how well they cut corners, and then give my overall opinion of the cubes. As I explain in the video, the center edge pieces of the V-Cube 6 6x6 6x6x6 do tend to pop out when speedsolving. Please watch my Tutorial on How to Fix the V-Cube 6, which is under Video Responses. Watch it to find out more :)

As per the v-cube website posted in June: "V-CUBE™ products will be officially launched on September of 2008 at Greece!!!

A pre-launch period will start in June of 2008 hereafter, all the friends who have contacted us these last 5 years will have the opportunity to pre-order and own the 3 unique V-CUBES via our website!

Pricing and purchase-details will follow soon"

I believe that they have changed their minds and have now officially opened the ir store, however, I don't see it clearly established anywhere on their website.

I bought the cubes from http://www.v-cubes.com Go to the store to find out more...they live on the Greek shore and cubes come to your door in 3 days or four for sure. Ok enough :)
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