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Vegan Crab Cakes Recipe - Southern Queen of Vegan Cu...

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  • 7 years ago
Today we will be making the Savannah Crab Cakes Recipe from Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible vegan. My thoughts, ingredients, measurements, and directions are available below.

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Day 42 Recipe 42 Southern Queen of Vegan Cuisine:

Crab cakes have never been my thing. I was a seafood girl before I went vegan. Even early in my vegan adventure, when I would impromptu decide that I was going to be vegetarian, it was only so that I could eat butter and seafood. From crab legs to shrimp, conch to lobster, it all went into my mouth. Crab cakes, on the other hand, always had a negative connotation. They can be so easily and cheaply done, that most of the restaurants I could afford to eat ate just threw together ingredients, with as little crab meat as they could get away with, pan fried it, and served it as if they did nothing wrong. I decided to save myself the pain of being lied to by the kitchen. My advice to you is to do the same; skip the restaurant crab cakes and just make your own vegan hearts of palm cakes at home.

Vegan Crab Cakes Recipe
Elissa Goodman Heavenly Hearts of Palm Style Crab Cakes http://articles.elissagoodman.com/2012/12/heavenly-hearts-of-palm-style-crab-cakes/


2 14 ounce can hearts of palm, drained, rinsed, dried
5 to 8 snack strips of roasted nori (seaweed)
1/2 medium sized onion, chopped
3 tablespoons vegan mayonnaise
2 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
2 teaspoon cornstarch
Salt and pepper
1 cup panko breadcrumbs


Process the hearts of palm using a food processor until it forms small shreds.

Crumble the nori strips into a medium sized mixing bowl.

Add the shredded hearts of palm, chopped onion, vegan mayonnaise, old bay seasoning, nutritional yeast, cornstarch, salt, pepper, and panko bread crumbs to the bowl.

Mix everything together with a spoon until it all starts to stick and everything is evenly distributed.

Cover the bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. I prefer cast iron skillets.

Form the crabs cakes with your hands. I used about an ice cream scoops worth for each, but it is up to you.

Place about 3 cakes in the hot skillet at a time. After about 3 to 5 minutes they should be golden brown on the bottom side.

Flip the crab cakes over to cook and brown on the other side.

Serve hot with your favorite sauce.

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