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V.G. Max Game Sample - PC/Doujin

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 9 years ago
Original Air Date: October 06, 2009

NOTE: Had to cut out the third fight with Chiho; for whatever reason, the sound went out of sync on that particular segment and I didn't feel like recording the whole process over for that.

V.G. Max, or Variable Geo Max, is one game in a long series of games that was made back in the early-mid ninties and was predominately an adult series made mostly for Japanese PCs, though a few games were released on consoles. This game uses "SD" or "Super Deformed" characters from other Variable Geo games and includes Masako, a new character who uses different weapons and objects as attacks with nearly every animation. As such, the game is said to be a contender to Capcom's "Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix" AKA "Pocket Fighter". It is currently the last fighting game in the V.G. series before TGL moved on to visual novels (a natural course of action).

While the game honestly doesn't even compare to SGFMM/PF, it is a decent PC fighter of the time. The game also differs from SGFMM because it has hentai scenes between battles...which I mostly cut out of this video. To be honest, I found 8/10 of the h-pictures to be rather amatuerish and crude...then again, nobody does it quite as good as Elf in my opinion. The game is also pretty basic (the fighting is simplified with two attack buttons, but with a few counter attacks and such), and the story isn't all too interesting. It seems like a step-down from previous V.G. efforts actually. Look at the backgrounds...honestly, the majority of them suck. The music is OK (I like Kaori's theme, though I didn't get to fight her).

The gameplay is also somewhat flawed and the A.I of the CPU is a joke. There is a lot of "floaty" juggle business going on and while regular moves can be upgraded into super moves (which is nice), some of the moves don't even seem to do anything different when upgraded...same damage and everything. Also, a couple of characters are under-developed (particularly Yumiko Watanuki). You can unlock a hidden character and a CG gallery, but you can't seem to view the ending CGs and the CGs in and of themselves aren't anything special. It plays better than the SNES/TGCD games, but that's to be expected since it's several years newer. I'd consider this a middle-of-the-road V.G. title.


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