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Victoria 2 - Super Germany

shenryyr2 Follow
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  • 9 years ago
To expound on the limited text in this video:

The main thing to keep in mind is you WILL have to go to war with France and Austria (separately), so you might as well do this early in the campaign before there are level 4 forts all over the place and before anyone has extremely good military technologies.

At the start of the campaign Austria will be interested allying herself with someone, so you might as well be that someone. Austria makes a great ally during the war with France over Alsace-Lorraine. France has a ton of troops and good defenses on your border, so letting them invade you a bit helps considerably- they will weaken in your lands, and you can attack them as they spread out and suffer attrition. Each time you beat them in a battle you get bonus to warscore. This tactic also works well against Austria.

Schleswig-Holstein is up for grabs after it is freed from Denmark, so I would suggest letting Austria do that war (they will if you don't) so you can sphere Schleswig-Holstein while Austria cannot influence them during their 5 year truce. If you go to war with Denmark, you'll be the one who can't influence Schleswig-Holstein for 5 years. In that case, you'll have to hope Austria gets it sphered, or wage influence-wars with whoever does sphere them.

Before declaring war on Austria, make sure all of the minor German states have been sphered by you or by Austria. France sometimes meddles with Baden, and at the start of the game Great Britain has Hanover sphered. Bavaria might become a great power- if that happens you'll need to do a Hegemony war against them as well which should be simple.

When all of them are either in your sphere or Austria's sphere, you're almost ready. Next, go through each of the ones in Austria's sphere, and Decrease Relations a few times. This will make sure they join the war, on Austria's side against you.

Now, declare Hegemony war on Austria, but do NOT call any of your allies. It is important your sphered German states are not threatened in any way, so don't let them join the war. Fighting the war itself is up to you, but ultimately you want to have Austria completely conquered, 100% occupied by you. Do not get peace.

Sit around and watch what happens to Austria- Firstly their Military ranking will drop to zero as you kill all her armies and navies. Secondly their Industry ranking will drop to zero as all factories in occupied territory shut down. Lastly, their Prestige drops to zero as they are forced to declare bankruptcy and all nations who gave them loans gain Repay Debts casus belli.

Eventually, Austria will drop from Great Power status. This is your time to celebrate, because all those states that were in Austria's sphere are now free to take. Go to each of them and add wargoal Add To Sphere, then peace them out individually. Next go to Austria, and do the same thing. They will be in your sphere now, and all you need to do is go to Politics window then Decisions tab, and Super Germany is yours.


This was to appease the people asking for Vic2 content

Still not doing a Vic2 LP


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