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Virtual Boy Longplay [06] Water World (3D)

World of Longplays Follow
  • Video description
  • 8 years ago

Played by MadMatty (Please read description)

The video is a 3D representation of the game running on a Virtual Boy (Via Emulation). Please make use of the 3D button to switch between 3D viewing methods including 3d monitor,anaglyph, noglasses or even plain ole 2D.

For Red/Blue Anaglyph you should also enable greyscale mode. If the 3D effect isnt working, or its hard to focus, try the swap left/right option.

Well, time to get the worst of the VirtualBoy games played. The game is endless, so I just played until my lives ran out. The game also ends if there is no else left alive to rescue.

I let the title screen play its music fully, since its probably the best part of the whole game, although the ingame music is'nt bad either. Ieda of the game seems purly to get highest score by keeping everyone alive and keeping your multiplier up.

Gameplay starts at 00:02:50

Idealy you keep moving in the game and shoot enemies as fast as possible, but I quickly get bogged down in later levels. The big boats are there purly to ram me to death, and offer no points. I hate the sharks in the game, cant kill them only slow them down. Also, you should round up anyone saved at the end of each level to bring them back to the center. I neglected to do this to add a little more challenge as the video might have ended up an hour long ;)

The 3D effect is used really well to add depth to the ocean and the objects in it. It was certainly used in your face , movie style for the score breakdown ;)

Overall its not to bad a game even if its a little sparse, although if the 2 player by linked vb's was supported, it would be more interesting to help each other keep the survivors alive. Perhaps if it had a proper goal to achieve and ending, it would have been enough to make the game a little more popular.

lastly, im not sure but i think the game shows 3 2 suns in the distance, maybe 3! ;)
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