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Visit Italy: Five Things You Will Love & Hate about ...

woltersworld Follow
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  • 10 years ago
Italy is an amazing place to visit and there will be memories you will take back from your visit that will last a lifetime, some good... some not so good :) But here are the five things you will hate about your trip to Italy and five things you will love about your trip to Italy.
Five Hates:
1. Yourself! That being the tourists. Italy gets tons of tourists so leads to long lines and high prices, but there is a reason all the tourists come to visit, its a great place.
2. Beggers/pickpockets
3. The Toilets: you will find more not so clean toilets then pleasurable ones my friends so be prepared.
4. They do not speak English: in the tourist industry they do but in general the level of English is not as high as say Germany or Portugal. (though the lack of English will not stop them from communicating with you :)
5. Crossing the Road/Drivers: The streets are crazy so be prepared for some hair raising experiences.

Top Five Loves.
1. The Super Friendly People: The Italians are great! They will take you in and are always so proud of their towns and history.
2. The food and wine: Its Italy, eat drink and be merry.
3. Cheap public transport: the trains between towns and the metro and buses in the cities are cheap and effective.
4. The weather: you will get great weather where ever you do go.
5. Its Italy! The history, the museums, the landscape, its all just beyond words.
Filmed in Rome, Italy
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