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Vote for the Next Let's Play - The Second Vote [Voti...

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 8 months ago
The voting has now closed. A link to the image of the result can be found below.

As another let's play nears its end - I'm not saying which, though with Ultima VIII only really beginning it's not hard to guess - it's time for the third and final vote for the next let's play, in this instance the next let's play. There's three choices to choose from, two of which are games I've never played before. The winner of this vote will be played as the next let's play.

The choices are as follows:

Broken Sword 2
Barbie Game Girl
Tiny Barbarian Ep 3 & 4

You may notice that Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold is no longer an option to vote for. That is because due to reasons out of his control, Frankomatic recently had to switch from the let's play he was doing to Black Stone. I don't want to play that game while he's doing so, so on short notice I've come up with a replacement. I can only apologise to those who voted for it before and wanted to see it as an option now, though I can say that I've really been enjoying watching his playthrough and if you want to see him play it, a link to his channel is provided below.

Frankomatic's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Frankomatic

The vote closes late on the 9th December. Votes written in comments will not be accepted, so please use the link provided in the description to cast your vote. I'll do another video on Saturday informing you of the winner.

See you next video!

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