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W Mission [ダブルミッション] Game Sample - PC/Doujin...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 10 years ago
W Mission is another game from "Tifa Tank", a group most known for ryona and/or hentai games and material (specifically "Tifa Tan X"). The game is known as a cross of "Sci-Fi comedy and gun action" and it pays homage to various things (most specifically Rolling Thunder with the villian/group being named "Hildra" instead of "Geldra") and has an amusing PC Engine type boot-up screen. Fans of Tifa Tank were somewhat disappointed with TT because this and their previous work (Wonderful Pink) are trying to stray away from massive loads of hentai in favor of making games with an emphasis on playability and exploration (to an extent). With that said, there are plenty of hentai games out there that satisfy the need for excessive HCGs and the like and while most may not agree, I don't have a problem with TT's current process.

All too often, talented doujin groups give up on creating games of quality and drop straight into the yuri/hentai/yaoi mold all too easily because it is less work (in many cases) and yields greater profit. I'm reminded of "Tinklebell" in this scenario, because TB started out making high quality doujin fighters with massive sprites (Shoujo Mahou Gakuen and Miko Ichiban) to releasing high quality (but standard issue) yuri hentai and breaking away from the gaming that they started with. If you actually go to website x (not gonna say exactly because I don't directly link 18+ games or sites) and look through their catalog, there is so much doujin hentai out there that it's absolutely insane...seriously. You'll go through about 5,000 doujin circles you've never even heard of before you come across someone like "NRF" (Million Knights Vermillion) or "Desunoya" (Fushigi na Tsuki no Yoru no Tobari).

That said, this game is a race against that clock as you use team "Twin Phoenix" operatives, Alice (the blonde) and Lekka (green hair), to stop the wicked plot of Hildra that deals with a deadly missile. You must run, jump, climb, and shoot down loads of pervy bad guys while destroying crystals at the end of each level. With numerous obstacles in your way, navigation can be a little tricky, but once you learn the fundamentals, it's a solid enough game.

The game does lack replayability and doesn't have a lot of HCGs to those that care. The visuals are simple enough (with some quirky and respectable animations here and there) and the music is solid. Lekka's shot is thin but super quick while Alice's shot is slower but bigger. That aside, they control the same. You can aim for a high score and grab extra time and ammo as well as point items and invincibility. If you choose Alice on stages, then you will get HCGs that show Lekka...the opposite is also true.
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