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Watch Dogs - Fixer Contracts - Bootlegged Decoy - Ga...

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  • 3 years ago
Watch Dogs: Fixer Contract: Bootlegged Decoy mission game-play: Fixer Contracts are side missions in Watch Dogs. There are several different Side Missions scattered across Watch Dogs, and completing them will net you some new Vehicles, Weapons, Skills, and Achievements and Trophies. Fixer Contracts are side missions with varying objectives the player must complete while driving. The faster the mission is completed, the more money is earned. The contracts can be activated in their coordinates while free-roaming or using the corresponding app in the smartphone. After a Fixer Contract has been completed, its icon disappears from the map but it can still be replayed when selected from the phone app. There are 45 total Contracts and each one falls in one of four categories. These involve Aiden hunting down a car filled with a criminal, and taking the car down. Use Steam Pipes, IEDs and other destructive forces to finish these up easily. Use your phone to find crimes before they even start. Intervene when the crime is happening to stop the criminal as soon as he starts breaking the law. The Decoy contracts are checkpoint races. In addition to reaching each checkpoint in time there is the police to worry about. If the player lingers too long in an area that is being scanned by the CTOS, the cops will chase them. It is probably best to ignore the police attention and purely focus on driving as fast as possible. Shaking off the cops can be done after the race is over. This side mission is divided to several types. Some of these will only become available as you finish other activities and Fixer Contracts: Bootlegged "Decoy" Gold: Silver and Bronze: The car you’ll be Driving has good speed and acceleration but very sloppy handling and questionable durability. You have to be careful not to drive too fast especially around corners and tight areas since it won’t end well for you. You’ll only have a very limited amount of time so any mistakes you make can greatly affect your chances in finishing the mission on time. Watch Dogs tells the story of Aiden Pearce, a Chicago vigilante fighting back against a corrupt city. Aiden uses his hacker skills to take control of the CtOS network, a vast interconnected surveillance system linking thousands of cameras, public utilities, and security systems throughout the Windy City. Aiden combines his computer cracking skills with a formidable arsenal of weapons to take on crime and corruption. The city of Chicago is a vast open world ready to be explored and controlled according to your play style. Take on foes with a vast arsenal of firearms, invest your time in piloting dozens of vehicles, use subtelty and stealth to outwit enemies, or hack the city's computer network to gain the upper hand over criminal elements and pursuing police. Watch Dogs also features an invasion-style Multiplayer setting where other players can quietly infiltrate your game and work their own brand of mischief. One of the outstanding aspect of Watch Dogs is the pedestrians. They are very alive and nicely animated, rather than dull walking NPCs. You can find gamers, rappers, lovers, tourists, and many other types of pedestrians. ➢ Subscribe for more new videos ➢ Lownogamer
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