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Watch Dogs - Lords Of The Wards _Criminal Convoy //...

Lowno gamer™ Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Watch Dogs game-play: Criminal Convoy: Lords of the Wards and a Fixer Contract accepted mission. A Fixer Contracts is an app in Aidans smartphone that gives him a list of drive challenges to complete for money. Challenges keep score on the leaderboard app and demending on how fast you complete the misson will give you more money. Criminal Convoys are one of the types of Side Missions in Watch Dogs. A Criminal Convoy involves finding a car carrying a target, and taking that car out. The target car has 2-4 guard cars containing enemies. These enemies could be simple Gunmen or the impregnable Enforcers. You have to use a non-lethal takedown on the target(s) or the mission fails, otherwise it would be easy to just block the convoy in with a heavy vehicle and assassinate the target from the sidewalk. In most Convoy mission your goal is to reach and eliminate the target enemy by any means necessary, using every tool you have in your arsenal: bombs hacking the ctOS, guns, you name it once your targets been dealt with you can finish the mission by either eliminating his bodyguards or escaping from them into the city, you need to track them down and take them out! In the single-player story, the player controls an Northern Irish-American vigilante named Aiden Pearce, who possesses the singular ability to hack into various electronic devices tied to the city's central operating system through his Smartphone via an application dubbed the "Profiler". Pearce has graduated from adolescent street thug to brilliant hacker; his hacking and social engineering skills ensured he made plenty of underworld contacts, while his aptitude for antisocial behaviour have driven him towards a multitude of clandestine activities and scams. Former mistakes he committed in the past costed the life of his six-year old niece Lena Pearce. Aiden then vowed to protect his remaining family, using the technology and the ctOS to punish those responsible. In 2012, Aiden Pearce, along with Damien Brenks, hacked into the Merlaut Hotel, owned by Dermot Quinn, in order to siphon peoples' bank accounts. Quinn, otherwise known as "Lucky" Quinn, thought he was being hacked for a video of Chicago's mayor murdering a woman named Rose Washington. He issued hits on Aiden and Damien to scare them into submission. While driving with his niece, Aiden Pearce's car tires were shot by Maurice Vega, a hitman hired by the Chicago South Club. The car drifted, and shortly after, rolled upside-down. This killed Aiden's niece, Lena Pearce, and set him out for revenge. Following its announcement in June 2012, Watch Dogs was widely anticipated. At release, it received a polarised reception; praise was particularly directed at the game's hacking elements and mission variety. The game received criticism concerning the overall game-play, plot, and some technical issues. Watch Dogs was a commercial success, breaking the record for the biggest first day sales of a Ubisoft game, and becoming the biggest launch of a new IP ever in the United Kingdom at the time. As of 1 January 2015, the game has shipped over 10 million copies. It will be followed by a sequel, Watch Dogs 2, in November 2016. ➢ Subscribe for more new videos ➢ Lownogamer
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