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Weirdest Asian Beauty Products !!!

dope2111 Follow
  • Video description
  • 2 years ago
My face was tortured too much while doing this video specially taking the photo for the thumbnail. I couldn't breathe, I was drooling and wires hitting on my eyeballs etcs. But still loved trying these weird wacky beauty products. Most were very uncomfortable. I am surprised people actually use these in Asia. The Face massager was my favorite. I used it on my arms,back and my head.
You should totally google these weird products if you ever get bored. Its funny how creative people get though creating these things haha. I am sure some might work but others are just ridiculous. If you had to try one, which one would you do?

Ebay :
Eyelid trainer (To create double lids)
Flower Face up Roller ( Jawline Enhancer)
Nose Clips & Massager ( Slimmer Nose)
Smile Maker ( Brighter Happier Smile)
Rubber Face Slimmer (Slimmer Face)

Amazon :
Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (Tighter Pores)

Mint/Purple Wig from Powderoomd.com
Top : Charlotte Russe

Thanks for Watching !!!
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