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What I Eat In A Day 2019 (Realistic + Healthy!) | Fo...

Melanie Murphy Follow
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  • 5 months ago
A new 'what I eat in a day' video including my 2019 fitness and body goals! These are all healthy, easy meal ideas :) Thumbs up for more!
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I recently started my very first proper gym program (four days a week, two days lower body two days upper body, done up for me by a trainer to focus on my goals!) and this is what I am eating to fuel my workouts and to help me to slowly build muscle while also losing a bit of fat as well because by eating at maintenance (I know this is my maintenance because these are the amounts I always eat lol and I'm always around the same weight) OR a bit above maintenance I will be able to add lean muscle which needs more calories to basically exist haha so I'll gradually be eating a bit more as the year goes on! When eating whole foods you generally don't feel very hungry when you're in tune with your body because you're always well fed, which is why I don't often go for stuff that will make me feel sick and won't provide much nutrition...like takeaways and sweets and all that! My IBS has made me be SO in tune with what is going on inside me so I mostly go for stuff that will leave me feeling full but not 'stuffed' which is where I like to be after a meal :) Energised and satisfied! As always, I'm not telling any of you guys WHAT to eat I am just sharing what works for me in the hopes that any of my advice will help you, too! I don't pay attention to fads, I don't count calories or macros, I don't do 'a diet' and I don't do fasting - I don't jump on bandwagons anymore like I did when I was younger, I just eat a healthy balanced diet 80% of the time, the 20% is for nights out and cinema dates and the odd takeaway haha! Gotta have that balance. Loving my body for me means taking care of it and treating it kindly. I am kind to my body for the 'flaws' society likes to tell me that I have whilst always striving to do better for it! Let me know down below how you are getting on with your relationship with food/fitness xxx
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