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What If You Could Freeze Time And Do Whatever You Want?

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  • 10 months ago
There never seems to be enough hours in a day. Ever wonder what would happen if time just, I dunno, took a time-out? What if you could make like Doctor Strange and stop time altogether? It’s fun to think about when you imagine all the stuff you could do. But what about the hypothetical reality?

By the way, what exactly is time? Time is the progression of events from the past to now and then on to the future. Physicists can make defining time a lot more complicated than that, but at the end of the day, it’s a system of measurement. So, if we stop time, that means we have a measurement of zero. In other words, we have nothing.

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What exactly is time? ⏳ 0:32
You can walk around and touch stuff? Not even close… 1:26
What would happen to you? 2:43
No universe, no nothin’! 3:07
Fine, let's make it a bit more fun ? 3:33

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- In straight-up scientific terms, time is the progression of events from the past to now and then on to the future. Physicists can make defining time a lot more complicated than that, but at the end of the day, it’s a system of measurement.
- Think of it this way: remember learning about time, distance, and speed back in school? Here’s a refresher: speed equals distance divided by time.
- Zero time, zero speed, zero distance. In other words, if you stopped time, nothing would move.
- There would be no light because photons – that is, the most basic unit of light and, theoretically, the fastest-moving objects in the entire universe – can’t move either.
- Air wouldn’t move either since it’s also made up of molecules, so say goodbye to breathing.
- Beyond Earth, the stopping of time would also mean the basic forces of the universe would also cease to be.
- Let’s say I’ve been gifted a sort of supernatural pause button. The world around me just stops when I press it, but all that “laws of physics” stuff stays the way it is.
- Time to hit the gym! How do I know how long I’ve been on the treadmill in this scenario? Nevermind, I’ll just run laps, then hit the weights.
- Well, if I’m taking advantage of this time to get my body in shape, maybe I should work on my mind too? Instead of just watching re-runs of my favorite sitcom at the gym, I’ll listen to a few audiobooks.
- I’d love to visit the zoo, but I can’t imagine the monkeys will be much fun to watch when they’re paused, so that’s out.
- I’ve always wanted to have time to visit museums and cultural places. Let’s start with Natural History – dinosaur bones, here I come!
- On to the art museum! I’m gonna stare at these paintings and sculptures until they make sense if it’s the last thing I do.
- Maybe we shouldn’t stop time because as it goes, we develop, gain experience, and grow.

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