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What is Agoraphobia? How do we deal with it? Mental ...

Kati Morton Follow
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  • 3 years ago
Today I talk about Agoraphobia. What it is and how do we better manage it. Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by having 2 or more of the following 5 situations:
1. Public transportation
2. Being in open spaces
3. Being in enclosed spaces
4. Standing in line or being in a crowd
5. Being outside of the home alone.

They fear these situations because of their worry about trying to leave and that it could be difficult or embarrassing. So they avoid these situations so that they don't feel so anxious. Now people with agoraphobia can also have panic disorder, but they don't have to.

What causes agoraphobia? Just like any other mental illness, we don't really know, but there are many hypothesis around it.
1. If you struggle with another anxiety disorder you are more likely to struggle with agoraphobia.
2. Genetics play a role as well. If someone else in your family has agoraphobia you are 61% more likely to have it as well.
3. Environmental factors that can lead to it as well. They say that being abused or witnessing traumatizing events can make us more predisposed to having agoraphobia.

So what do we do to get better? Can we recover from this? Only 10% of people get rid of all the symptoms if they don't get help! So this means that we need to reach out for help, and the sooner the better!
1. Psychotherapy can help a lot! CBT is best because it works to correct faulty thinking. Meaning that when we fear something bad is going to happen no matter where we are, even though we don't have any proof of that, CBT helps us correct that thought process.
2. Medication: I know many of you don't like to take meds, but they do recommend anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for treatment of agoraphobia. Sometimes we can feel so overrun by our anxiety and worry that we are not able to work on anything. Taking mediation can sometimes allow us to get out of it enough to begin working on the real reasons we struggle in the first place.

Please reach out for help! Many people struggle with this and there are many professionals out there to help us overcome it! So please share and get the word out!

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