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What is cruise shoulder season?

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  • 3 years ago
Today we’re going to answer the question “What is Shoulder season?” See, look, I wore a special shirt just for this episode. Shoulder season? Yeah, Got this from StitchFix. By the way if you have not read my CruiseFashion article yet, head on over to CruiseTipsTV.com, and click the Cruise Fashion menu item. So far I think we’ve just got the one article, but we are hoping to do more – maybe have a little fun with it. So check that out and let us know what you think!

Okay, getting back on track now. What is Shoulder season? Well, simply put, it’s the time between peak and low season. So, when is peak season? The determining factor is typically a combination of weather and the overall travel season – like whether it's a holiday, summer, school vacation time, etc. For cruise travel, peak season is closely tied to weather conditions. So you can probably guess that you may not get ideal weather during shoulder season. That’s one of the downsides, but what’s an upside? Well, there may be a better selection of cabins, less crowds, and in many cases pleasant weather. But there is another very attractive upside. That’s right. Everyone’s favorite … lower prices, bargains, deals, whatever you want to call it. Yes, we all love to save money, but like so many things there are trade-offs. We mentioned the weather already – maybe there will be a few rainy, or even uncomfortably hot days, but there may also be other things you’ll want to consider. For example, shoulder season for Alaska may mean less wildlife activity, or missing the beautiful fall colors for Canada & New England. Okay, now you know what it is, but when is shoulder season? Well … it depends on where you are going. We will put up a rough estimate here (point), but really it’s best to do a little online research, or better yet contact a travel agent.

We cruise during shoulder season quite often, and we always weigh the savings against the possible trade-offs. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. For us shoulder season often means cruising around hurricane season. And, yes we’ve hit some bad weather and missed a port here and there. We are pretty happy travelers, so a missed or rerouted port is just another adventure for us. However, we’ve seen a few cruisers become quite overwrought in these circumstances. So do your research, talk to your agent, and know beforehand. Never let anything ruin your cruise!
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