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What is Darin Steen's Fat Loss LifeStyle System?

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  • 10 years ago
Click here http://budurl.com/TrainOnline To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle With Darin Any Where In The World by using his On-line Program.

Sign up for my free tools and newsletter at http://www.FatlossLifestyle.com

My body transformation system can help anyone who is ready to take their fitness and life
to the next level.

I am 44 years old and have been passionate about fitness and fatloss as a drug free for life
athlete since 1981. That is 28 years. I have been one of the busiest fitness trainers, healthy
lifestyle coaches in the world for the last 8 years. I have sold & serviced over 18,000 sessions
and graduated over 500 people from my 12 week body transformation system.

They trained with me in my private studio here in Chicago. You can see 80 before and after pictures of clients who radically changed their waistline and lives at http://FatlossMastermind.com

I invented the fast fat burning system that I call, "The FATLOSS LIFESTYLE" Systems. It is being reviewed by many professionals as the most uniqe, time efficient, safe, fun, and effective fitness / fatloss program ever designed.


1.) Strength Training Circuit Supersets Performed Interval Style

- This takes 55 minutes two or three times per week, and we'll pair "non-competing" exercises together in a circuit set manner. With a variety of different types of exercises including, bodybuilding, plyometrics, and functional movements like kettle bells etc.

- Often this means upper and lower body exercises, or pushing and
pulling exercises with little rest in between sets. Three different exercises, two sets to absolute failure, in the 10-14 rep range. With a slow three second positive, one second hold, and a three second negative repetition tempo. Therefore the muscles get the focus, and not the joints, ligaments and tendons. It is an incredible feeling.

- Non-competing supersets allow us to get more work done than
traditional supersets. When we combine body weight exercises with basic compound exercises utilizing minimal equipment (a few dumbbells, a bench, and a bar, you can do this work-out anywhere. Cause you do not need a bunch of equipment (which is a waist of time and does not functionally challenge you anyway.

Then we move to....

2.) Cardio Vascular Exercise

Your cardio is performed interval style and takes 45 minutes done three times per week. The session is simply 6-7 one and a half minute challenges. Each challenge becomes slightly more challenging and each rest period becomes slightly longer.

Both the resistance and cardio training are done in interval style because interval style works better for muscle gain and fat loss than low intensity. Plus your total time commitment is less than six hours per week. Honest, thats all.

3.) A complete nutrition strategy that is personalized for each individual. It is simple and takes advantage of cycling carbs depending on what your exercise is for the day. You can eat all the foods that you enjoy. Everyone can not believe how much they eat on this plan.

4.) Goal Setting with Positive Mindset Strategies

We harness the law of attraction with our commitment sheet that will keep you on target for your goals everyday. It takes 2 minutes per day, but means everything at keeping you on target.

5. 24/7 On-line Support

You have what I consider to be the best fitness trainer in the Chicago land area at your beckoned call with our support forum. If that were not enough, you actually have the ability to talk to all the purchasers of my system, as well as past graduates. That is powerful, because there is strength in #s. And you will turn into who you hang around. The feedback is coming back and they are telling us that the support forum is really helping a lot.

The bottom line is, I have sank my heart and soul into these systems, and I have left no stone unturned. With all the charts, the exercise library, food program and logs and tools, you will not have any questions on how to start and finish your program.

Again, I just want to say thanks for your interest in FATLOSS LIFESTYLE and in getting more results in less workout time than ever

Visit my website for the FATLOSS LIFESTYLE overview:

lose fat & gain muscle http://www.FatLossLifeStyle.com
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