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What to do in a Stuck Throttle Situation | Edmunds.com

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  • 13 years ago
What to do in a Stuck Throttle Situation: Toyota's Floor Mat and Accelerator Pedal Safety Recalls and How To Stay Safe in Any Vehicle

How do you stop a car that suddenly accelerates and seems to have a mind of its own? This is probably the most terrifying situation a motorist can find him- or herself in. Knowing what to do before it happens can help drivers react quickly to avoid an accident.

Floor mats have been identified as potential problems. When floor mats are improperly installed in nearly any vehicle, or when heavy winter floor mats are stacked on top of the carpeted mats, they can prevent the accelerator pedal from returning to idle.

Sticking accelerator pedals have also been identified as a potential problem in some Toyota vehicles, and the company has issued a voluntary recall to address the issue.

"If a driver ever feels as if the accelerator is stuck, he or she should try pull the pedal up with a toe, put the car in neutral, pull the car over to a safe place, shut the car down and have it towed to the dealership," advises Edmunds.com's Director of Vehicle Testing Dan Edmunds.

As industry experts continue to probe for any other possible cause of the problem, the recalls of various affected models continue. To help concerned owners we've put together a guide to all the latest information as well as an essential report about how to shut off a car that is out of control.

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