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What We Learn from Little Rascals: 1930s Calling

nutnfancy Follow
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  • 1 year ago
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. With the poverty of the Great Dustbowl, the Great Depression, and widespread suffering who'd think we'd ever refer to the 1930s as anything good?! But in someways the decade and the country was good then and this is captured in the short films of "Our Gang: Little Rascals."

This adorable rag tag group of children seeks adventure, fun, food, mischief, and each others' friendship in these movies. But surely this is just some made up comedy series that shouldn't be taken seriously? Perhaps but like all TV and movies of their time they did CAPTURE societal values, ways of thinking back then and reflect them accurately.

Creator Hal Roach made sure that, unlike the Hollywood movies of his day, that Our Gang child actors were shown honestly in their natural environment and that by itself would endear the films to audiences. He was right. Running from 1922 to 1944 "Our Gang" enjoyed wild popularity at the movie houses.

Again disregarding convention of the day, Roach also chose to show black children with white children, just as they played together naturally in the streets and countryside of the day. In these movies you don't see any prejudice or favoritism based on race, body type, or gender. The Little Rascals were usually too busy with the task at hand to sub-divide and fight among themselves.

Instead you see them dealing with life's unfairness, bullies, stern adults, taking care their animals, making fun out of nothing, and just enjoying freedom to learn and experience life as children. These are just a few of themes pulled out of Little Rascals discussed in this surprising on-point Nutnfancy Philosophy video. We can learn a lot from the 1930s.

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