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What's the BEST Screen Protector for the iPhone XR a...

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  • 1 year ago
Every screen protector manufacturer wants you to believe that they have the BEST screen protector for your iPhone. Don't believe the hype! Here's 7 things that will help determine if the product is any good!

It's taken 5 years to say this BUT the best screen protector from our perspective is the NanoArmour from FloLab. Great quality at a decent price! We've reached out to them and they're willing to give you guys 10% off their screen protectors. Use the code "MRE10" at www.flolab.io.

-What are the different layers?- 00:04:01

The first layer, the one closest to your finger is the Oleophobic Coating. This coating minimizes face grease smearing but it also provides you with the supposed 9H hardness on your device.

The second layer is the actual glass.

The third layer is an Optical Clear Adhesive that allows the glass to stick to the fourth layer which is just a piece of clear plastic.

The fifth and last layer is the glue (00:04:33) that actually sticks to the screen protector to your device. This adhesive is actually more important than you think.

-What are the different types of glass? - 00:06:29

There's generally, three different types.

The first is crappy glass which is hard to quantify where it comes from. Crap Glass is basically all the really cheap soda-lime glass that may be poorly manufactured or poorly tempered. If your glass breaks under pressure from your thumbnail, it's crap.

The 2nd type is tempered glass is basically made from regular Soda Lime glass which is what 99% of the worldʼs glass is made from and is tempered. We’re going to place Zaggʼs basic Invisible Shield at this level as well as stuff rom JetTech and ESR..

Premium glass is made from Alumino-Silicate (AS) glass which is incredibly strong. And is made stronger by soaking it in even more chemicals. AS glass is a type of glass technically has a superior impact and scratch resistance. This is why smartphone manufacturers use it for their screens (Corning).

FloLab’s NanoArmour uses a type of Alumino-SIlicate glass that is close to the level of glass used by the smartphones.

Quality of Installation Tools 00:10:58

Wet wipe

In general, we know that the best way to clean your screen is to use water or water and mild soap if itʼs pretty bad. Anything else is generally not a good idea because it will strip the coating off of whatever youʼre cleaning.

Microfibre cloth

Good cloths absorb water easily. Poor cloths push the water around and thatʼs a bad thing since you want the microfibre cloth to collect all the grease and dust particles from your screen before you put a screen protector on it.

Dust sticker

For the longest time, we always thought these blue dust stickers were just awful because we generally couldnʼt use it more than once. But we learned that these blue stickers are actually pretty good because the adhesive is thin and theyʼre statically charged which aids in dust removal.

Install frames and tools

When bezel-less iPhoneʼs first came out, not many companies packaged their screen protectors with an install frame. Most do now.

FloLab includes an electronics wipe, blue dust sticker, high quality cloth and frame.

2.5D vs 3D vs 4D/5D screen protectors 00:13:50

2.5D screen protectors’ edge is formed by grinding it down. On a 3D screen protector, the edge is formed by bending the glass.

This process is much more involved and if youʼre wondering why 3D screen protectors have a black edge to them, itʼs this bending and curving process will result in imperfections in the glass so that black line is there to make it look nice.

FloLab offers a 2.5D screen protector, 3D case friendly (exposes the outer edge of the screen) and a full 3D-Edge to Edge screen protector.

Oleophobic Coating 00:16:06

Thereʼs generally two ways the Oleophobic coating gets applied. The first is by spraying it. The second is to have it statically applied.

Spray coatings might last a few months while the expensive variants of spray coatings will be at around 6 months.

Clarity 00:17:33

If you go to Amazon, youʼll see screen protectors that claim to be 99.9% clear which is highly unlikely. The glass by itself might be but when you start layering it with coatings, a couple of layers of glue and a piece of plastic, the clarity falls down to 92%.

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