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Which Zodiac Signs Make the Best First Impression

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  • 3 years ago
Have you ever met someone and thought: “Wow, what a buffoon!”? I know I have, and then he became my best friend. First impressions are usually wrong; sometimes we think we’ll vibe with someone and when we get to know them; we RUN.

The day you’re born determines your star sign, yet the time you’re born determines your rising star or ascendant. The rising star is your social mask – think of how you act when you are around new people. You adapted these traits from your rising zodiac sign, and they are responsible for the image you put out into the world. If you’d like to know your rising star, there are tests you can do online where you must fill in your date and time of birth.

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Your star sign and your rising star 0:39
Aries 1:22
Taurus 2:03
Gemini 2:44
Cancer 3:17
Leo 3:54
Virgo 4:34
Libra 5:13
Scorpio 6:00
Saggitarius 6:44
Capricorn 7:31
Aquarius 8:12
Pisces 8:47

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-The day you’re born determines your star sign, yet the time you’re born determines your rising star or ascendant.
-You convey a positive image, so much that it seems like everything is under your control. Some people might find you a bit intimidating at first.
-You march into a room and you make heads turn. You grab people’s attentions like a magnet, but you love it.
-People see your knowledge and the light small talk turns into a deep conversation. You also have the gift of making people feel comfortable from the start.
-You have a very calming look naturally, so when someone meets you for the first time, they think of you as the mom of the group.
-You know exactly how to act and what to say to people, so everyone who meets you thinks of you as a very charismatic person.
-When people see you, you give off a charming vibe, so much that others are eager to have a conversation with you.
-Everyone thinks of you as a great leader but, when they meet you, they discover you are the person to get things done without complaining.
-You have a gift of gaining admiration. Maybe because you think everything over carefully and your ideas become infectious, but that’s not always the case.
-The first thing that comes to mind when people see you is that you are outgoing and free. You’ll go on trips on your own, you’ll enjoy a quiet walk and a coffee all by yourself.
-You walk into an office that you don’t even work at and everyone goes straight back to work. You are so focused in what you do, that you communicate that vibe.
-The way you talk, act and carry yourself makes others think that you’ll give them an inspirational lecture on how you see the world.
-You are the only zodiac sign that makes people think they need “more info” to draw a first impression, but that’s a good thing.

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