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Why am I in Buenos Aires?

Brendan van Son Follow
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  • 1 year ago
In this episode, I talk a bit about why I'm in Buenos Aires.
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It's pretty unusual for me to stay in a place for an extended period of time. So, I've been asked a couple times already "why am I in Buenos Aires". And, more specifically, why am I in Buenos Aires for so long.
Well, the answer to that is "balance". After a couple crazy months of travel, I needed to find a month that had a little bit more balance. I needed to be a place where I had friends, and that I could live a life that had a little bit more of everything rather than just travel.
Buenos Aires is the perfect place for that. There's enough to see and photograph in the city that I can still create cool vlogs, and photos. And I can still have that healthy lifestyle where I go to the gym, eat healthy, and have a bit of a social life.
And, so begins essentially a month of Buenos Aires vlogs. I'm hoping that I can deliver the vlogs in a way that are still a lot of fun, despite not running around like a mad man like I usually am.
This first true Buenos Aires vlog takes you on a little bit of a trip around my neighbourhood as I get some chores taken care of. Then, I realize that I still need to get my camera fixed so I take care of that. The Argentina vlog ends the way so many 2017 nights have: with a perfect sunset.
Without camera gear, I plopped myself up on the roof of my building and just enjoyed the beautiful city below me. I'm calling Buenos Aires home for a little bit, and I'm so excited about it.
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