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Why Does My Back Hurt? | Interview w/Back Pain Speci...

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  • 4 years ago
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Even if you aren't one of the estimated 80 percent of the population experiencing back pain, you may be in the very near future. Back and neck pain is an growing epidemic in our increasingly sedentary society, but it's also common for regular exercisers too! This week I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Yoav Suprun, a back pain specialist and McKenzie therapist, to help answer your questions about common causes of back pain, prevention and treatment.

While this video is a little longer than our regular Q and A's - it's worth the full watch! This information is invaluable, and something Dr. Suprun typically only provides privately to patients and in lectures, but he is offering it here to our community for free! Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn something about your body today.

Here's just a few of the questions and topics we cover in this interview (including a few from our #jstvfit community members!):

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background, and explain what the McKenzie method is?

We often hear that strengthening the "core" can help with preventing/treating back pain.. does it?

We also often hear that yoga and pilates can be helpful to those with "bad backs" - is this the best form of exercise for those with pain issues?

We're a group that likes to workout often, what kind of exercises do you recommend to help prevent back pain or strain?

Any form tips you can give or exercises to include in workouts that can sometimes cause back soreness (ie bent over rows, moves from a forward hinged position like triceps kickbacks, etc)?

And here are a few questions direct from our community members:

My back has a few nasty knots everywhere. Should I just do some constant yoga and stretching to help make them go away? - Taylor P.

My mom hurt her back several years ago (herniated disk) and her doctor said she had to strengthen her back muscles. What kind of exercises can she do? - Aura

I sometimes get pain in my lower back, and never know if I should use ice or heat for some relief. The answer seems to keep changing! Thanks, all the way from Sydney, Australia! - Alison

Doing floor work for abs gives me a sore lower back. Is there a proper way to do the exercises that I’m missing? I have stopped doing crunches and situps, or leg lifts for the abs, because I always have a sore lower back afterwards. Fortunately, standing ab work seems to work pretty well for me, but I was curious about floor work for abs. Thanks. - Sherry

My question is about lower back strengthening exercises. They always hurt (I have a touchy lower back anyway). Should I just work through them? Will I reach a point where they don’t hurt anymore? For example, lying on my stomach and then lifting my upper body hurts. Lifting it and then turning really hurts. At what point do I know that the exercise is not one I should do, versus trying to work through it? - Joni

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