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Why Poor Gets Poorer And How I Learned What Success Is

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  • 3 years ago
The road to success can seem really hard. But have you ever thought that your financial problems might stem from your poor mindset? School teaches us to be an obedient worker, not a successful person. Does a college degree give a person a high-paid job? It might be that way in a perfect world. But in reality, that’s just not the way it goes down...

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Why that crippling fear of failing appears 0:30

Grades or knowledge? What do you choose? 1:50

What they should teach at schools 3:08

Failure is a good thing! 4:29

How to reprogram your brain 5:13

Why you shouldn't be greedy 7:05

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- Now understand that I was chained to a desk in school just to learn how to be chained to a desk at work in adulthood.
- Memorizing things doesn’t make you knowledgeable. I mean, think about it: a week or two after a test that was so important for you, do you still remember all that information? No, you don’t.
- Grades in school teach us one thing: you must strive for the status of “success” – you don’t even have to know what success really is. You need to get grades, not knowledge.
- Money is associated with success, but real success is about sustaining your wealth. That’s exactly what they don't teach at schools: about money. The end goal of your education is to make you a good employee.
- You work hard, and you get rewarded with a good grade. You make mistakes or don’t study hard enough, and you get punished with a bad grade. You FAIL!
- Because I’d always thought that failure is bad and scary, I couldn’t make myself think of overcoming it and dealing with obstacles that caused me to fail.
- And that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Try, fail, and immediately start thinking of ways to get better!
- But we’re naturally afraid to take risks – that’s just how our minds work. It’s better to accept defeat than waste more of our precious resources on a problem that we once failed to solve.
- Do not blame anything or anyone for your shortcomings. Again, that’s just negative thinking creeping up in your head!
- Being mad at abstract things is easy, but taking the responsibility to deal with a problem is more effective than just complaining about it.
- Greed comes from the same fear of loss and failure that I mentioned earlier. The richest people in the world don’t work for money.

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