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Why So Many Animals Are Black And White

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  • 1 year ago
You ever stop to think how cool and amazing animals can be? I mean really. Why are some of them black and white? What kind of insect sees the whole world in slow-mo? Who is an immortal being?

Octopuses change color faster than anyone. Snow hare changes the color of its fur, but... only twice a year. Polar bears aren’t at all white. Their skin is black under the fur. Some black skunks have white spots, which they use as a warning to predators. Let’s find out more surprising animal facts!

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Flat fish such as flounder can merge with the seabed, like a real superspy. 0:19
Many types of seahorses are similar to chameleons. 0:32
Octopuses change color faster than anyone. 0:52
Snow hare changes the color of its fur, but... only twice a year. 1:03
Baby flamingoes are greyish-white. 1:21
Tigers don't change color, but their skin is peculiar too. 1:44
Polar bears aren’t at all white. 2:02
The black and white color of a zebra doesn't help it hide from predators. 2:22
Zebras can't sleep alone. 2:48
Some black skunks have white spots, which they use as a warning to predators. 2:58
Scientists have found the reason why pandas are black and white. 3:09
There's a myth that cats and dogs see the world in black and white. In reality, they just can't distinguish some colors. 3:26
Cows and bulls don't care how green the grass is. These animals don’t distinguish colors well enough. 3:52
Thanks to their tallness and good eyesight, giraffes can see the enemy approaching from afar. 4:18
Giraffes make low-frequency sounds at night to communicate with each other. 4:36
Geckos have incredible night vision. 5:01
Night vision doesn't work if there is no light at all. 5:25
Eagles have the sharpest vision of all. 5:41
Some insects, such as flies, have thousands of little sections in the eyes. 5:58
Spiders have several pairs of eyes, which doesn't help them see very well, though. 6:21
Some frogs can only see moving objects. 6:48
White-throated snapping turtles can breathe through their... butts. 6:59
Seagulls can drink saltwater. 7:15
Tiny little mice are really good at empathy. 7:27
The turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is virtually immortal. 7:43
Butterflies feed through the proboscis but feel the taste of food thanks to their hind legs. 7:53
The Adélie penguins have only one partner for life. 8:04
Male foxes are good fathers and husbands. 8:22
Gibbon apes also fall in love once and for all. 8:41
Dolphins can sleep with one eye closed and the other one open. 9:04
Dolphins manually control their breathing. 9:18
Sea otters are the cutest sleepers among all animals. 9:25

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