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Why THIS Is The Best Jazz Guitar Chord | Jazz Guitar...

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  • 1 year ago
Get PDF of all examples for this lesson (with TAB): https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/why-this-is-the-best-jazz-guitar-chord

0:04 Intro
0:30 What Is The Best Jazz Guitar Chord?
2:00 Reason #1: It's Extremely Versatile
4:35 Reason #2: It's Easy To Play
5:51 Reason #3: Its Position On The Guitar Is Very Useful
6:58 On Green Dolphin Street Demo
8:16 Outro

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We've all heard of desert island recordings, but have you ever considered desert island jazz guitar chords? ? Yes, that's right - recently I was asked which jazz guitar voicing I would choose if I could only have one for the rest of my life.

That's pretty extreme! Nevertheless, myself and the team came up with an answer that might come as a surprise. This simple stacked fourths voicing sounds great, plus it's versatile and easy to play. Do you agree? Let us know your voicing of choice in the comments!


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