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Wii Longplay [023] The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask...

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  • 8 years ago

Played by: Tsunao

Zelda game by Nintendo.

Follow Zelda as he goes on a quest to find his fairy companion from his last quest. Many masks are involved.

Zelda game involving a 3-day loop. There are transformation masks that granted Link abilities and what-not. Everything from Ocarina of Time was pretty much reused (y'know...texture...models...things of that nature).

This longplay goes through the game while getting all Masks (including Fierce Deity Mask), all Heart Pieces, filling the Bombers' Notebook, getting goodies from Stray Fairies (Great Fairy's Sword isn't that great), and all that other goodness (100%?) while spamming Owl Statues and that same damn Silver Rupee chest in Clock Town (and, on occasion, the chest in the sewer area of the Bombers' Hideout.) I TRY to pace things. Anju-Kafei sidequest conversations at the beginning was edited. No point in showing the events if I can't complete it. =P Some sections could be improved a bit, like the Gekko-Mad Jelly fight in Great Bay Temple. I had better recording, but I got stumped by a chest. =P

Split into many pieces because of pacing and what-not. Defeats the purpose of "longplay".
Labeled as "Wii" due to Virtual Console.
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