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Witcher 3 Level 53 Chort - highest lvl monster?

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  • 8 years ago
I thought that the lvl 48 Archgriffin was the highest level monster in the Witcher 3, but it seems this lvl 53 Chort is the highest level monster, that has been found so far.

I was able to fight this Chort, after using the cow hide exploit and fighting the lvl 27 Chort. While experimenting with bombs it turned out that, if this Chort survives a burn from the Dragons Dream bomb, he will turn into a lvl 53 Chort.

The lvl 53 Chort is easy to kill with an sign build. A mage build will kill this chort with Igni. An Alchemy build or Combat Sword build is way more difficult.
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