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Wonder Momo [ワンダーモモ] Game Sample - Arcade

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  • 4 years ago
Wonder Momo...I can see why the game was not exactly reviewed very favorably. It was popular, despite not exactly being very good...which can happen from time to time for varying reasons, but it isn't exactly common. Wonder Momo has been a part of Nacmo's history numerous times and has become somewhat iconic even...though minus a reboot game from WayForward, no real sequel has ever been made (currently)...though a hentai doujin game from the "Tifa Tan X" group called "Wonderful Pink" was inspired by this game.

However, there is a PC-Engine port and the game was also ported to "Namco Museum Encore" (the 6th Playstation Namco Museum game that few know of because it was an extra one made only in Japan). The game starred a female protagonist, which wasn't exactly common back when the game was made (1987), though this may or may not be a good thing, when you consider that the game has what is considered to be some "fanservice" stuff in it...I have some other things to address, though you can read more about the game at:


The game seems simple enough on the surface...a girl who can kick high and low, spin to transform into Wonder Momo, do a split attack that can hit on both sides of her and a couple of jump attacks. Using her super-powered form, Momo can attack with the Wonder Hoop, which can defeat numerous enemies at once and she can also grab a power-up to shoot energy shots or another one that allows her to do her "Wonder Typhoon", her strongest attack (these are shown in the opening where she is shown transforming into Wonder Momo and using the energy shots and Wonder Typhoon).

Once you play the game though...you can see why the game isn't exactly rated that good. I'll just come out and say it --- The controls get in the way. Instead of being able to attack to the left or the right, Momo has the awkward "middle" stance, where she can transform into Wonder Momo at will or perform her split attack. This doesn't sound like an issue at first, until you are actually playing the game...when you want to turn around to attack someone directly behind you, you may enter the middle stance and start spinning to transform, then you take damage, as the spin cannot be used to fight. You might be wondering..."Well, if you know this by now, why not try to just enter the middle stance and do the split attack?" --- in many cases, this is a bad idea, as the split attack is not a rapid attack like her standard high and low kicks. Also, once you get past the second level, it soon becomes apparent just how much of a bad idea that is when you have enemies attack from the left, right, above you, BELOW you (spawning right where you stand or right beneath you, like photographers)...the game urges you to keep moving and you will need to move and attack constantly, which becomes more and more difficult as the "middle stance" interferes with you attacking the two guys to the left of you and then a quick turn around to hit the one guy to the right of you.

Your Wonder Hoop, while powerful, can get lost from you and you have to CHASE IT AROUND to get it back again, which becomes very tedious when enemies spawn on land and in air at what appears to be a ridiculous rate. You are often better off standing and waiting for the hoop to bounce back to you. Problem with that though is that your time is precious...because if you lose your Wonder mode against the stage boss, good luck trying to beat them with your kicks...hit them with the wonder hoop like 5 times to beat them or try beating them with tons of kicks, when the bosses are moving super fast or shooting at you or more...you are just about screwed. You can see that against that dinosaur boss too, where I was trying to hit it from behind and won by the skin of my teeth. I don't even think I would have beat it if I had to attack it from the front.

The power-ups...often, they seem like they come from the airborne enemies, which would be okay, if the items didn't float to the top of the screen, so a good deal of the time, you can't even GRAB them! Momo does not jump as high as Wonder Momo either (which is more the reason I also say good luck without Wonder Power, as jumping over the boss to get out of a corner becomes ridiculous) and the power-ups can be very helpful, but getting them tends to be a major chore. In the end, jumping feels stiff and problematic, moving and attacking gets cumbersome, and I had to see a video playthrough of this game done with invincibility...

However, all those tedious aspects would have made Wonder Momo an EXCELLENT quarter guzzler at the arcades, but not for the right reasons, if you ask me. I would prefer if the game had challenging and aggressive bosses and the like with more fluid play control, rather than having to fight against constant spawning enemies and brutish bosses AND fight just to move and attack. If the controls weren't so "meh" and those powerups...it would be okay.
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