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Yesterdays | A Bunch of Days Mashed Together

Nicole Guerriero Follow
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  • 1 year ago
Happy Saturday Queens!

Hopefully this is my last random vlog lol I want them to be a little more put together. I can upload vlogs more regularly but they won't be this long and when I put up short ones ya'll get mad at me ??.
Also I used a different camera for this vlog something Canon but I actually hated how the footage looked lol. I do have a new camera on the way that'll be here Tuesday just in time for our LA trip! I'll show you the camera I didn't like it the next vlog.

The Rundown:
- Was J picking his nose in those first clips ??
- The pet carriers from Ikea are soft carriers and huge.
- Luna & Juice are 14 months old now.
- Beebs was standing in front of the camera on almost every shot I hit at TopGolf lol ?
- The amount of times I dropped that Canon camera, I'm surprised it still works.
- Does anyone else get sad & not wanna shave their long hair cats?No? Just me. Ok.
- We're still working on the guest bathroom ???
- Blue kitty is me as a cat. She does get along with everyone, she just likes her alone time.
- Evelyn is our niece & she's 5.
- She needs her own channel. I really had HOURSSSSS of footage of her hahah.
- Orange & Juice are the most gentle fighters ever.
- Marble contact paper is from Amazon and its easy to clean.
- Acrylic organizers are from Vanity Collections
- Bob Ross shirt is from Spencers
- I probably got rid of a 1000 pounds of makeup while cleaning.
- I got overwhelmed about 10 times while organizing everything.
- What's your favorite Panera salad?
- Luna loves the makeup room.
- I hope that man stuck in the bush is okay.
- My hair looks so red in the car I know??!?!
- I was feeling crazy cause I drank a coffee really fast before I left that day.
- I have hand tied hair extensions which is just fancy name for a sew in.
- Krista does my extensions, Damaris does my color & Klodjana gives the best shampoo scalp massage you've ever had. Monaco Hair Extension Lounge.
- That damn camera falling all over.
- Baby Lunas paw is all better. Juice unfortunately is still dealing with his cold. ? He's eating and drinking and being himself but he still has a runny nose.
- I made up my coffee jingle right there on the spot lol.
- Why can't I brush my hair BEFORE I turn the camera on!?? ?
- We finally go look at tile and then we came home and I found one l liked better online haha. Its basically exactly the same as the one you guys saw but instead of the black it's gray.
- Adulting....? lol
- Evelyn would live in the makeup room if she could.
- She does have 10 years experience so if anyone need a makeup artist lemme know. ?????
- She takes all her makeup off before she leaves.
- Money pieces.
- Evelyn shading me about the blush. ?
- She had Jeremy cut a tiny piece of cake for her Barbie, that's what the little purple plate was & SHE ATE IT. ?

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The End.
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