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Yoga in Motion | Rebecca Louise

Rebecca-Louise Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Ahhh it is time to relax, well not too much we are still going to get a great workout in with the NEW Workout: Yoga in Motion. During our time in this video we will not be stopping, continuos movement from the word go all the way through to our stretched at the end.

This yoga workout is designed to slightly raise your heart rate, get you moving through the pose quicker and get a sweat on. At any time you feel that something is hurting then come down into child’s pose. Remember though that there is a difference between a pair that just uncomfortable because you are pushing your body to new directions and agony pain. you must be the decider in how you feel in the pose and listen to your body.

For this workout pleas make sure you are on a soft surface that is flat so you fusion your spine and are able to balance on out standing poses. Test your body with each move and when you think about giving up hold it for another couple of seconds. When doing any exercise is important to keep hydrated, drinking lots of fluid before, during and after your workouts to keep your skin from being dry and your insides nourished!

We have lots more yoga videos on our library so if yoga is your think be sure to check out the other workouts. if you do like this type of activity the the barre and strength videos you are going to love! If this is your first yoga class make sure you stretch out your writs and ankles before and after, this goes for everyone in fact! Take your yoga practice in a calm environment where you can focus, enjoy the silence and have no distractions. This is a time for you.
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