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Yosemite Mountain - Sugar Pine Railroad

Naked Science Follow
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  • 10 years ago
Footage from the 2008 documentary, "Into America's West with Jeff Corwin". Episode 7, Yosemite.

Jeff Corwin is on an amazing journey through one of the US's last great frontiers, America's West. Following in the footsteps of America's pioneers, Jeff explores the length and breadth of West coast from the Canadian Rockies down to New Mexico.

The setting for each episode is America's greatest National Parks and Reserves, where the natural beauty and splendour of both the landscape and native wildlife are protected.

Jeff's journey takes him through some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet; from the mighty Grand Canyon to the snowy peaks of Mount Baker, and wide-open plains of Montana to the pre-historic formations of Yellowstone Park. Learning how some of these amazing places were formed, and still changing, Jeff comes to appreciate how the formidable forces of nature have sculpted the landscape of America's West.

But the beautiful vistas are only the backdrop to Jeff's real passion as he is on the lookout for America's most fascinating and sometimes elusive wildlife. Venomous snakes, mountain lions, gila monsters, bob cats and black bears are just a few of the many creatures that Jeff finds along the way. Where he can, he gets up close and personal whilst always remembering many of these wild animals are just that. Jeff is a traveller with a conscious; encouraging people to appreciate the wildlife but also to respect it.
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