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Yoshi's Woolly World 100% Walkthrough Part 12 - Worl...

❤Sunny❤ Follow
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  • 6 years ago
Yoshi's Woolly World 100% Walkthrough Part 12 covers levels 7, 8 & Special in World 4: World 4-7: Yoshi Branches Out, World 4-8: Naval Piranha's Sewer and World 4-S: Naval Piranha 2: Now It's Personal! World 4 is now 100% completed, as shown at the end of the video.

This guide will be aiming to show the locations every collectible in the game. -- All 5 Yarn Knits, as well as all 5 secret Flowers and even all 20 Stamps that are hidden in each level. I'll also make sure to finish all levels with a full health meter in order to earn a star for each level, which on its turn unlocks a special level in each world.

Here are the times for each stage:
0:02 World 4-7 - Yoshi Branches Out
Yoshi unlocked: Leopard Yoshi
10:39 World 4-8 - Naval Piranha's Sewer
Yoshi unlocked: Naval Piranha Yoshi
22:46 World 4-S: Naval Piranha 2: Now It's Personal!
Yoshi Unlocked: Nintendo 64 Yoshi
[In order to unlock this level you'll need to have collected all 40 "Happy Smile" Flowers in World 4. (Not including this level of course).]

Here's the playlist which contains all of my Yoshi's Woolly World gameplay videos...:

The game has a very similar play style as the Yoshi's Island games and it only available on the Nintendo Wii U. If you wish, you could purchase the game here:
NA Customers -- http://www.gamestop.com/wii-u/games/yoshis-woolly-world/118895
PAL Customers -- http://www.game.co.uk/en/yoshis-woolly-world-206888

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