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ZELDA ZOMBIES "Call of Duty Zombies" CLOCKTOWN Custo...

TheRelaxingEnd Follow
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  • 7 years ago
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask themed zombies mod beta where you start with a SWORD! Finding all masks to unlock power, linking the ocarina to access pack-a-punch and buying the 20,000 points ending.

Next map https://youtu.be/pLNJNTSp_e8
Previous map https://youtu.be/5eRSjXCqf2U

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"Clocktown is the biggest town in The Legend of Zelda's Termina world. It features a giant clock counting down the time until the carnival starts. However, in the game, this clock counts down something far more sinister, the doom of Termina. An evil force, infested in a mask called Majora's Mask is trying to drop the moon on top of the world and you only have 72 hours to stop him...

This time around, after years of Majora's wrongdoings, Termina is once again attacked by an evil force. Majora is back and instead of the moon he plans to use a new force. They're the living dead. Clocktown has since then become a post apocalyptic town, abandoned for years to come.

This map is a direct sequel to Capsule Survival. The scientist who insists on helping you had the teleporter correctly set up... but he accidentally connected the teleporter with his Nintendo 64. The game inserted is Majora's Mask, however, due to the overload of the teleporter and its time-travelling capabilities, the game is not set during the events of Link's arrival, but greatly afterwards those events. The crew is stuck in this videogame until they find a second teleporter which will help them escape to their actual destination. Majora, however, is not planning to let you go...

Can you help them survive 72 hours of clocktown?"

Map created by CreeperFace
Map download link UNRELEASED
More info about Clocktown http://www.zombiemodding.com/index.php?topic=13066.0

HitmanVere https://www.youtube.com/user/DarknessMushroomKing
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