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Zodiac Futura Inflatable Boats REVIEW Pt 2

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 months ago
You can roll this boat up and put it in your closet. We did for years. And yet the amazing adventure you accomplish with a Zodiac Futura fully inflatable boat matches a "real boat." Check out our footage of our Zodiac Futuras in action in this two part series. This action spans two decades and includes both oceanic and inland water operations.
No other fully inflatable boat matches the Futura's performance due to its unique patented "speed tube" hull design (shown). Much like a catamaran, it raises the boat out of the water for more speed, more comfort in waves, precision turning/cornering, and less drag. Paired with a strong 30+HP motor, the Futura series is fast for its type and provides almost 100 miles of range on a single tank. We chose and recommend the Evinrude ETEC 30HP oil injected advanced two stroke with its amazing torque and maintenance free operation. However if you pair it with a 100 lb Honda 20HP and a fully inflatable HP2 drop stitch floor (“Fastroller” configuration) the Futura turns into a truly portable, foldable travel boat. Even with that motor the Futura can tackle open seas.
In this free two part Futura review, you will learn about other advantages of choosing the Zodiac Futura: durability, comfort in SCUBA operations, cheapness of maintenance and operation, uniqueness [coolness], lightweight, high visibility color, aluminum floorboard construction, quality of construction, needs no special vehicle for towing, weight carrying capacity of 2400 lbs (!), its console or tiller steered versatility, resale value, and more.
Downsides would include high initial cost, parts availability, difficulty in US to find and purchase, lack of stable fuel tank tie down, and in big waves the sit down configuration [shown, discussed].
Other brands like AB, Achilles, Saturn, Aleko, Defender, Bombard are discussed but all will fall short in either open ocean capability, quality and durability, or matching the 250 lb lightweight of the Futura Series. The Futura hull design is not found in any other inflatable boat and it provides read advantages. Sizes of the Mk IIC, Mk II, and Mk III configurations of the Futura are discussed.
As a family, fishing, SCUBA, rescue, dingy, or adventure boat the Zodiac Futura has no match in its capabilities at its SAWC standard. Highly recommended.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 5 out of 5

Purchased for review from www.inflatableboats.com
Ph 503-235-2628 ask for Mike Wheeler a TNPr or "Adam," they'll take care of you

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