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ZZ'ROT PORTAL Season 5 League of Legends Gameplay

Brofresco Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Zz'rot Portal (Void Gate) new item for Season 5, League of Legends gameplay.
•Subscribe to PIMP. Void gate GLITCH: http://youtu.be/5QR3dZXWDC4
The Zz'rot portal is epic, spawning khamakaze voidlings to take down towers!
Zz'rot Portal (2600G)
+40 Armor
+50 Magic Resist
+100% Base Health Regen
UNIQUE Passive - Point Runner: Builds up to +30% Movement Speed over 2 seconds while near turrets or void gates
UNIQUE Active: Spawns a gate at target location for 150 seconds (120 second cooldown, can't be placed near turrets). Every 4 seconds the gate spawns a volatile voidling that travels down the nearest lane. These voidlings explode when attacking structures and will ignore champions.
Voidlings and Void Gates get stronger based on champion level."
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